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Default Teamwork cheat sheet

So I want to give "teamwork CPs" (in addition to regular CPs) to PCs for showing up in session, that could be used to buy advantages from "Team Up" (pyramid 3-65), but aside from cinematic stuff for the team leader, there's not much to spend on. A few perks and one advantage. Any ideas for extra things people could buy with "Teamwork CP"? Thanks!
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Default Re: Teamwork cheat sheet

Limited form of buying success or other uses from Impulse Buys/Wildcard skills as they relate to team activity.
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Donny Brook
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Default Re: Teamwork cheat sheet

Shared Patrons, Allies, Ally Groups, Claims to Hospitality, and Contacts.

Income perk that accrues to the collective.

An Impulse-buy pool.

Shared Base and Vehicle perks.

Signature Gear.

Powers with gear modifiers.
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Default Re: Teamwork cheat sheet

You could make some teamwork-techniques that works like other techniques but require both having it and being close by, or even both taking the same action, maybe through a wait by one part... but then result in something better than a normal.

For instace Assisted Feint-technique. Were you make a feint and another then exploit the bonus from it with an additional -2 to targets defense.

Or Opening Strike where one person makes a Feint but instead of giving a penalty to the targets defense he gives a friend a bonus to overcome a location penalty (such as for chink in armour).

Or a two-person Duel Weapon attack were both persons hit the target at the exact same time giving them the normal -1 penalty to defend but where none of the attackers suffer as high a penalty and do not need off-hand weapon training or two 1h-weapons.

Or a Defensive parry were you can parry an attack targeted against an adjacent friend but at a penalty... which can be bought off with a technique.

...these are just suggestions, more can easily be made.
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