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Default Re: DF Monsters: A Wizard did It!

This floating ball of flesh is roughly spherical with a number of chains dangling from it. Some of these chains end in hooks and weights others branch into several smaller chains. If found wandering it will launch several chains and attach itself to the surroundings prior to attacking.
It attacks as if it were armed with a number of flail like weapons. Some of the attacks will be grappling attempts and once it has a target grappled it will attempt to drag its target into its cavernous mouth.
-can digest metal, may have chains made of unusual metals and benefits from there effects.
-no eyes, works by sound or other sense
-older chainmaws may have layers of chains as armour.
-if the anchoring chains are severed the normally very strong Chainmaw can be pulled and pushed quite easily.
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Default Re: DF Monsters: A Wizard did It!


A lich occasionally has interest in making something that is both living and undead and one of the most direct ways to do so is to mix its own existance with that of a living being.

With proper application of fertility potions and either mind control or illusion magic a lich can procreate.

The resultant creature is generally a shriveled and seemingly emaciated: with a deep hole in the face where a nose should be, no ears, and minimal tuffs of thin wiry hair over mottled discolored flesh.

The creature can subsist almost entirely on manna, needing only the tiniest amount of food, water, and air irregularly, but it is a living thing, and if taken into a no manna zone will be able to sustain itself by eating, drinking, and breathing.

The natural attunement to manna means that the half-lich will have grown up with a great affinity for spell-casting, couple this with the ease of learning that comes with a developing childhood mind and almost all half-lich's will have master level magical ability with minimal prompting by the time they reach the age of maturity.

It should go without saying that a lich does not make a half-lich 'just because', so there is normally a powerful undead caster somewhere in the shadows with a plan for its 'project' and no familiar attachment.
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Default Re: DF Monsters: A Wizard did It!

Sounds like the lich version of a dhampir, the child of a human and vampire.

The creation of dhampirs tends to be more accidental and they have natural abilities and desires to kill vampires.
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Default Re: DF Monsters: A Wizard did It!


A three headed, undead, zombie saber tooth tiger. Its fur is thick, and matted, its eye sockets hollow and bloody, and its teeth razor sharp. The creature's shoulders are abnormally large to support its two extra heads (optionally, covered in stitch marks).

A Cer-purr-us could qualify equally as the work of a wizard or mad scientist. With three sets of eyes and an undead nature, it makes an excellent guard creature, and will quickly shred anything it gets (one of) its mouth(s) around.
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Default Re: DF Monsters: A Wizard did It!

Bouncing Flubster

This beast looks like nothing so much as a big green scaly ball with a massive maw stretching over a quarter of its circumference. Here and there long spindly flexible limbs and various eyes poke out at odd angles.

The Flubster has the ability to create force fields, seemingly instinctively. It uses these both to bounce off of and to stop prey. The fields are stationary, but if the flubster faces a flying foe, it will frequently create a field right in front of its quarry.

Flubsters are essentially immune to slamming into things. When hitting an object, the limbs can bend, flex, and dislocate without harming the creature, and their main body has few bones. They bounce when hitting surfaces, keeping most of their momentum.

A flubster can't technically fly, but once it has momentum, it can move freely through the air, bouncing around to turn more quickly than all but the most agile of winged beings. In combat, they mostly attack with slams, trying to point their big toothy mouths towards their foes. They take no damage from most slams.
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Default Re: DF Monsters: A Wizard did It!

Originally Posted by (E) View Post
very evocative. Nicely done.
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