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Default [WWII] Caproni Ca. 111 bomber/transport (Italy)

Caproni Ca. 111 bomber/transport
Copyright 2011 by Brandon Cope

The high-wing, single-engine Ca. 111 was a development of the tri-motor Ca. 101. Despite having two fewer engines, the reduced drag increased speed and the relatively simple plane proved rugged and reliable in service, often in poor conditions. It was also, unfortunately, highly vulnerable to enemy fighters and ground fire. Apart from it's use as a bomber, it served as a transport (eight passengers or paratroopers, or cargo), maritime reconnaissance and photo reconnaissance craft.

Just under 150 Ca. 111's were built. All went to Italy, except for 12 used by Peru. The Italian planes were primarily used in combat in Ethiopia in the 1930's in a variety of roles. By 1940 those left in service were only used for transport and aerial photography. The Peruvian planes were delivered as floatplanes but were converted to use as land transports by 1940 as the Peruvians grew dissatisfied with them (but were never able to entirely replace them with Ca. 135's). Several were used to deliver paratroopers against Ecuador in their war in July 1941.

Crew consists of a pilot, co-pilot/radio operator, flight engineer/dorsal gunner, and waist gunner. The Ca 111 uses 27.9 gallons of aviation fuel per hour at routine usage.

Subassemblies: Medium Fighter-Bomber chassis +4, Heavy Fighter-Bomber Wings with STOL option +3, three fixed wheels +1.
Powertrain: 619-kW aerial HP gasoline engine with 619-kW prop and 446-gallon standard fuel tanks [Wings].
Occupancy: 5 CS Cargo: 14 Body

All: 2/2

2xAircraft LMG/7.7mm Breda-SAFAT [Body:B] (2000 each).*
2xAircraft LMG/7.7mm Breda-SAFAT [Body:L,R] (2000 each).
*links fires both guns

Body: 2xMedium radio receivers and transmitters, backup driver controls, navigation instruments, autopilot, recon camera, 1,320-lb main bomb bay, 750-lb secondary bomb bay, 2,200-lb hardpoint.

Size: 50'x64'x13'
Payload: 2.57 tons
Lwt: 6.05 tons
Volume: 448
Maint.: 42 hours
Price: $21,500

HT: 12.
HP: 420 [body], 150 [each wing], 40 [each wheel]

aSpeed: 180
aAccel: 3
aDecel: 18
aMR: 4.5
aSR: 2
Stall: 59

Design Notes
Design speed was 168 mph. The historical speed has been used, as well as the actual wing area (662 square feet). The cost, weight and HPs of the wings were quartered and doubled for the chassis. Loaded weight was increased by 3%.

The largest single internal bomb the Ca 111 could carry was 220 lbs, although heavier ordnance could be carried externally. The main bomb bay was split in two sections, with vertical racks, each holding three bombs. A third bay could carry as many as fifteen bombs of up to 50 lbs each. Stats assume a “standard” 1,320 lb bomb load of six 220-lb bombs.

The Ca. 111 initially mounted the Italian version of the Lewis Mk I, but by the mid-1930's these were replaced with the Breda-SAFAT.

Originally, only a single gun was mounted dorsally. However, a turret with two guns was added later. Since the turret has a restricted arc, it was treated as part of the body for simplicity.

Many added a 7.7mm Breda-SAFAT in a ventral position. Much less often, a sixth gun was added to the nose, synchronized to fire through the propeller.

The Ca. 111 Idro was the seaplane version, using two wooden pontoons. It had fuel increased to 510 gallons. At least 25 were converted from standard Ca. 111. It could also carry a single 1,800 lb torpedo (instead of the internal bomb load).

The civil version carried seven passengers and had a small toilet.
A generous and sadistic GM,
Brandon Cope

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Default Re: [WWII] Caproni Ca. 111 bomber/transport (Italy)

Thanks for this, and for all you WWII stuff!
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bomber, italy, transport, wwii

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