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Default Re: Outdoor adventure cards?

Originally Posted by Mallen the dark View Post
Will these be a available as addons for the next TFT kickstarter?

Hate to have to pay that shipping cost on hex 2 and this since I ordered hex2 days before I saw this.
Please e-mail and they can help you out.
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Mallen the dark
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Default Re: Outdoor adventure cards?

Added to backerkit for cards of destiny. Boy is that going to be a big box for me.
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Default Re: Outdoor adventure cards?

I just went through these and compared all of them to Phil's Kickstarter versions.

The 53 cards are drawn roughly evenly from Phil's Outdoor Encounter Cards 1 and 2 - Cards 1-25 are from Set 2 and the remainder are from Set 1.
  • About a dozen cards have been radically reworked, to the point where they're completely different from their Kickstarter version.
  • All the cards have had their text tightened up, some slightly and some extensively - Phil's writing voice is significantly more florid and verbose than Steve's is on these, apparently. :)
  • A few are described in a noticeably creepier way, or add an interesting mystery or hook.
  • On 3 or 4, generic creatures have been given TFT stats (usually via reference to ItL), or at least guidelines for such stats.
  • A few cards have had details changed to be GM's choice instead of having an effect prescribed by the card.
  • A number of pieces of advice to the players of other recommendations of particular player responses have been removed
  • On about a third of the cards, the art has been slightly recomposed to show more of the edges of it.

Interestingly, most references to goblins, kobolds, and rangers have been removed or changed. Rangers are now referred to as woodsmen, more clearly referencing the ItL skill [and quite possibly cautiously avoiding the possible ire of the Tolkien estate). Some references to goblins have been changed to orcs, and others are just more generic.
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