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Default Abilities Tied to Weak-points

How would you go about having an ability disabled by destroying a weak-point on the character.

Let's say for example you want to build a lizard that can spit lightning but needs to store the energy in crystals on its back. Once the crystals are destroyed it cannot use the ability anymore.

...or it could be even factored into a Power Modifier, so that your entire set of powers is disabled.

I was thinking, a limitation that adds another target location to the character and works exactly like a limb/extremity/joint in that it can take HP/2, HP/3, HP/4 damage (respectively) to be crippled and twice that to be destroyed and using the same to-hit penalties of -2/-4/... and so on. Placement of the weak point should be defined at creation but should not increase to-hit penalties.

Maybe even with 2 "severity" of the limitation, with a half priced one where crippling causes the abilities effectiveness to be halved and destroying it causes it to be disabled out right
And then a full priced one where mere crippling disables it short term and destroying it needs some serious time/repair/magical healing to work again.
(Another possible variation could be having 2 or more of these weak points, and having to destroy all of them for the power to fail. The limitation would then be proportionately smaller, 1/2 for 2 weakpoints 1/3 for 3 etc.)

That leaves the question of... how should it be priced? I can't seem to find a good comparison on how limiting this could be.

Then the next problem would be how it interacts with other rules. Would unmodified (full body) DR cover it? I'd say not. Either it should not be allowed at all, OR cost more. (for example is priced at 100% and doesn't cover weak points, while Weakpoint DR needs to be purchased for twice the cost of the "limited defenses", as in DR at -40% for an "extremity size weakpoint")

OR MAYBE there is already something that works like this and I just can't find it in the books. (I've looked over PU:Limitations and didn't find anything that suited me) If so then I'd say: ignore my overly long ramblings above.

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Default Re: Abilities Tied to Weak-points

There are gadget limitations at the end of the advantages chapter in basic. Your power(s) only work while you have the gadget (such as the lizard's external back crystal for example), and you get a discount on your power(s) based on how easy the "gadget" in question is to break, steal, replace etc.

That sounds like a good place to start looking.
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Default Re: Abilities Tied to Weak-points

Hmm. That's actually quite a simple solution. I never considered as i always though't of a gadget as an item and not part of the character... but I suppose that's why the "can be stolen" limitation is a separate thing?
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