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Old 05-21-2011, 11:58 AM   #231
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Default Re: Altering the Initiative Order

Originally Posted by BaHalus View Post
I would charge full cost for that second fraction. Round up, not down is the general rule in Gurps. So if he pays 1fp for second and maintaining is a free action I would charge 1fp in the delaying moment and 1fp in the new turn too.

Or I would just forbidden this during mantaining spells or other long actions.
I like the pay-as-you-go approach. Short on FP? Oh, well, then you better not try to flip around the intiative order.
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Old 05-22-2011, 08:27 AM   #232
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Default Re: Altering the Initiative Order

Personally, while I would allow a character to specify a lower BS when moving into combat time, therefor acting at a different point in the turn order, I wouldn't have them change their position during combat. I haven't tested it out, of course, but it seems wonky.

That said, I might allow movement combined with a Wait, as allowed by the maneuver selected (And opening up Move and Attack to Wait maneuvers), so long as any movement beyond a Step is done on that character's turn, not when the wait is triggered. It seems like that should be fair. Basically becomes a sort of Move-and-Wait maneuver.

Hmm. Also, I would probably allow some expanding on the concept in the Battle Drills perk that allows Waits to be converted to Move or Move and Attack maneuvers. Perhaps a "Coordinated Action" perk, specialized by team, which requires a ready action from each member to "activate" (Losing a turn while matching your timing up) just like Battle Drills, and allows such Waits? Seems fairly comparable to Teamwork and Battle Drills, so I doubt it would be over-powered. Might be under-powered, actually.
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Default Re: Altering the Initiative Order

There is precedence in RAW for the op's desire to delay his place in the sequence order. Martial Arts pp52 the Perk Team Work.
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Old 05-30-2011, 05:05 AM   #234
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Default Re: Altering the Initiative Order

Originally Posted by Stripe View Post
Now, if the knight goes first and he steps on a five-hex-wide pit trap that opens beneath him, and he's at the far edge, realistically, all of the adventurers should fall into it -- they're all running together! But, not when using Move maneuvers to game it out. The knight went first and moved five hexes forward, triggered the trap, and fell into the pit. Because it wasn't his "turn," the wizard doesn't run off the edge and there are four empty hexes between the knight and him. In reality, they all would have been in adjacent hexes and thus all would have fallen when the floor dropped out from under them.
Treat the trap as an NPC enemy, give him a place in the initiative and let it use a Wait manoeuvre!
Once they're all on the trap, spring it!

Of course, this only works if they all *end* their move on the trap...

But why use second-by-second turn combat if you're not fighting?

Or if this happens during a fight, just somehow stop the first PC to step on the trap and require everyone else to at least indicate what they're doing. If they all run along with him, the trap catches them all.
Playing GURPS since '90, is now fluent in 4th ed as well.
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kromm answer, kromm explanation, wait

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