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Default Re: Stunned after taking Wait maneuver

Does anyone know what page actually says you can't continue to attack while stunned?

B420's "Effects of Stun" says "If you are stunned, you must Do Nothing on your next turn." but I don't see any mention of current turn.

We know one thing that can cause a stun is a major wound (such as a crippling injury) where you fail a resulting HT roll.

For an extremity this is doing over HP/3, so 4 damage would be enough to cripple a hand if it struck a 3 DR target for 20 damage (suffer 1 injury per 5 damage "Hurting Yourself").

If you happened to have "Extra Attack" and your first attack crippled your hand and you were stunned from the failed HT check, would you lose your Extra Attack for that turn due to the stun?

You don't get an Extra Attack during a Do Nothing (only on maneuvers which allow attacks) but the Do Nothing wouldn't start until your NEXT turn... if you got stunned on your turn, then your turn hasn't actually ended...

There's also the question of... since "Compartmentalized Mind" stacks atop any other maneuver, would you still get a Concentrate even when your "main" maneuver is a Do Nothing, or is there forbidding language to exclude it somewhere about stuns?

If you do, I think the support would come elsewhere than B364 or B420 and maybe some errata. Perhaps "you may perform any active defense" was intended to convey "and active defenses are ALL you can do" ?

The best support I've found so far is B551's "Take no action but recover from stun." but that's not technically true since defences are actions... plus B371 mentions a stunned grappler can still roll the contest of ST (at -4, like with active defenses) to prevent their target from using Break Free.

There also doesn't seem to be anything preventing you from choosing options like "Aggressive Parry" during the subsequent "Do Nothing" maneuvers.

Originally Posted by Harald387 View Post
Threads like this are why GURPS has a bad rep.

The sequence goes like this:

Player: I Wait; if the Orc comes into reach, I hit him.
GM: The Orc casts Mental Stun. Roll to resist.
Player: Failed. I'm stunned.
GM: The Orc Steps into an adjacent hex.
Player: That triggers my Wait!
GM: No, you're Stunned - you can't act. But it's your turn now.
Player: I Do Nothing. <roll> I'm no longer stunned.

This isn't complicated, and trying to rules-lawyer around it is just the sort of argumentative behavior that would get you ejected from most games.
I can see why people would be upset about having wasted their Wait though, especially since a Wait essentially functions like a Do Nothing if it's never triggered (though Step-and-Wait might make sense...) and a "stun makes Wait untriggerable" interpretation's being taken.

I think a big problem is simply that the list of what it can transition to is limited possibly due to oversight than intent.

I don't think the writers necessarily would see incentive for people to convert a Wait into something like a Do Nothing or an All-Out Defence. Mainly because they'd probably be thinking "why not just choose that from the outset?"

Those 2 maneuvers don't seem like they were excluded due to the limitations of Wait like Move or Move&Attack were.

Since it's technically not allowed though... would it be worth a Perk to give a character the option "can convert Waits into Do Nothings or All-Out Defenses"? Ideas for a name?
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