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Default Re: Cultural and Technological Consequences of Racial Daredevil trait

Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
I still like the back story I gave. It is a compelling explanation of how this trait was bred into the race.
One of the better explanations, indeed.
Vicky 'Molokh', GURPS FAQ and uFAQ Keeper
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Default Re: Cultural and Technological Consequences of Racial Daredevil trait

I see. Yes, presuming we go with OP as being the correct idea, which it is because it is the OP... ;)

You think the race would not be impulsive because of this. I think the race would not be impulsive to themselves. I think they would seem to be to others.

Figure, on an average of 10 in a skill, going to 11 (that extra +!) gives this race about a 13% better chance of success. That's significant even in political polls. Now, the chance of a critical failure is about 2% for other races, while it's only .04% for this race.

If we presume that failure is not lethal unless it is critical failure, then this race is 50 times more likely to survive any dangerous activity. If you figure odds of dying in ab accident are about 70 to 1 (Odds found here), these people's odds would be 3500 to 1. Granted, this is accident statistics and not 'dangerous things' statistics, but it's as close as I could get. This has to have some impact on them- it brings it down to the level of getting an injury from mowing the lawn. Granted, these figures sound kind of whacked to me, but I guess what I'm saying is if you go from 'fatal accident' level, which is just about anything, to 'while mowing the lawn' level, which is done by half the population a tiny fraction of comparable time, I just think these guys would be as careful as we are with mowing the lawn. Which isn't much, most people make sure their lawn mower does what it's supposed to, pay enough attention not to mow over stupid things (sometimes), and expect the rest to take care of itself. Even proper function of safety items and pretty much anything else beyond 'cuts grass' probably doesn't get much consideration, and everyone I know with mechanical aptitude bypasses all of the broken safeties.
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