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Old 10-26-2019, 08:11 PM   #1
Axly Suregrip
Join Date: Jun 2018
Default 3 hex charge pole weapon rule

I would like to discuss and get your opinions on how to use the new 3 hex charge rule. That is, in order to gain the extra die of damage upon charging, what do you see as being a valid charge. As you will see there are aspects to this rule that are obvious and then some that are questionable. See ITL page 111.

A) How many hexes is a charge? I know it says 3, but does that include the hex you are starting in? "the attacker moved three hexes... in a straight line".


Started turn in hex 1, move to hex 2, move to hex 3. Is this a 3 hex charge? The attacker moved only 2 hexes but he went through 3 different hexes that turn.


Start in hex 1, move to hex 2, move to hex 3, move to hex 4. Is this a 3 hex charge? This is definitely a charge as the attacker moved 3 hexes or is this setting the bar too high, as the diagram showed 3 hexes and this essentially requires 4 hexes.

I had a game master rule that it had to be 4 hexes MOVED through (second example), even if the first move was backwards.

For A, I believe the first example to be the best answer but want to hear others.

B) Does facing matter? When you are moving 3 hexes in a straight line, it implies you are charging a hex you are headed towards, but this is not stated. If so, it would be yet another condition to meet.

This has not come up in a game but it will:

Say your character, Bob, runs three hexes in a row and then changes facing. There is nothing in the charging rules to prevent changing facing. Say during the same turn his foe was pursuing him and runs up and engages Bob. If Bob had not changed facing and the foe moved in a front hex, that would be a charge everyone would agree with. But Bob changed 3 hexsides (facing the direction he ran from) and the foe moved into one of these three hexes. Is it still a charge even through Bob is charging (moving) away? He met all the requirements on pg 111 (moved 3 hexes in a straight line).

The thing about this question is if you disallow it, then you have a lot more shades of gray to rule on: Was it changing facing that broke the charge? Should it only be directly ahead? or any front 3 hexes without changing facing? Or only 1 hex side change? What about when doing a "straight line against the grain" now which are the hex to be charged? It starts to get messy.
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