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Default Timing of Traps to prevent winning level

I know this will sound stupid, but I play with a group of M:TG players who get ticky-tacky about timing, and I can't count the number of times someone was about to get to the winning level, I mean everyone said they were done messing around, we counted the bonuses, and the player beat the monster, and THAT is when someone plays a trap or a curse to make them lose a level. Now, I've always been fairly confident that once the combat was done, they gained that winning level in it, that was it. But I always get shouted down. Can I get an official ruling on this please?
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Default Re: Timing of Traps to prevent winning level

The rules say that when you get to level 10 you win, and you get your levels the instant the combat is resolved and you kill the monster.

From the FAQ, this case is not identical to yours but expresses the spirit of the game as it relates to this kind of issue:

Q. I just killed a monster to reach Level 10. My opponent played Trojan Horse and the Plutonium Dragon and said I couldn't level up (and therefore win the game) until I killed the Dragon. I say that I killed my monster, and even if I didn't get the Treasure, I win because I reached Level 10. Who's right?
A. Congratulations on your victory! Trojan Horse cancels the Treasure but not the levels from one combat and immediately starts a new one. If the result of the first combat brought you to Level 10, the game is over and Trojan Horse can't be played.

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Default Re: Timing of Traps to prevent winning level

I agree with Markimedes (who has my favorite new user name so far in 2019). Magic operates on a "stack," but Munchkin doesn't have that - cards happen when they are played. Unless a card says "Play this when someone has won a fight and is about to claim rewards" - which some cards do say - then that card can't prevent an opponent from claiming the winning level. If you want to stop them from winning, make sure they can't win the fight or they can't get the winning level out of it.
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