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Default Ty's Healing Spells Designer's Notes

For Ty's Healing Spells

For me, the main purpose of healing spells is to enable classic dungeon crawls and to make characters more able to survive multiple combats. However, to preserve the flow and fast pace of the TFT combat system, they really shouldn't have that much effect on individual combats.

And Steve’s spell pretty much fails to do that. It isn’t a bad spell, necessarily. But it’s not particularly useful for dungeon crawls either - you have to burn out a high IQ Wizard for a modest benefit. Much better to spend (say) 6 ST on a missile spell against the enemy than to recover 2 ST points about 99% of the time, I suspect.

So these rules allow healing to take place between combats, and, in a pinch, during combat (if the wizard can successfully cast the spell). And they aren't overly cost-prohibitive for wizards.

My healing spells only heal physical damage. The reason for not healing ST lost solely from fatigue is to keep wizards from creating a perpetual motion ST generator. (I.e., it costs 1 ST to heal 2 points of ST, so a Wizard could create free ST if you allowed the spell to restore ST lost due to fatigue). I'd modify the Aid spell so that it can permanently restore ST lost from fatigue, if you want that ability.

The ST cost versus the amount of healing can be tweaked. But be careful; the Critical Healing spell (or the Master Physicker spell) acts as a cap on the maximum amount of damage that can be healed between combats. I also considered raising the cost of the Master Physicker spell to 2 ST.

Healing scroll costs were adjusted to make them cost-effective compared to healing potions. Healing items cost about 40% of their list price, which is similar to other magic items in AW.

If you reduce the cost of healing potions in your campaigns, you'll want to adjust the cost of scrolls and magic items accordingly. Reduce the cost of scrolls by the same percentage as you reduced the healing spells. For magic items, total the cost of healing potions before and after the price reduction. Reduce the cost of the item by 2.5 times the total price reduction.

For instance, assume you reduce the cost of healing potions to $75 each. Healing scrolls will be reduced by 50% in cost. A Minor Healing item will be reduced by $375 (i.e., 2.5 times the $150 reduction in cost for the two healing potions required for the item); a Major Healing item will be reduced by $750 and a Critical Healing item will be reduced in price by $1125.

For those who think that the cinematic spells are too powerful, I offer the non-cinematic spells, which have the virtue of following existing rules for physickers and master physickers.

Jim Kane are you not entertained? :D

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