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Default Re: Hall of Judgment for the DFRPG: Now LIVE!

Originally Posted by beetle496 View Post
Woot! I clicked the pre-order link for All Nordlond At Once this morning (before going to work) and have six downloads now!

To re-cap: Cheap @$$ Beetle, who routinely complains about paying $6 for a PDF, takes a chance on a DF supplement from a maker he doesnít know, but which is discounted for $12.50 on the makerís site.

A week later he has spent $135 on DF and $155 on the makerís other books.

Folks, I cannot endorse this work more than that!

(Plus, now, I have no need to cut up the 1e copy!)
I am Gaming Ballistic, and I approve this message.

In all seriousness: thanks for doing it, and thanks for saying it. Word of mouth and good vibrations are huge.
Gaming Ballistic, LLC
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