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Default It's time for a new RPG game ?

Multiplayer games are uniquely designed for more than two people to play via their PC or mobile devices. There are some totally free browser games to play with friends online. Just with a certain Internet connection, tons of players can play the same game simultaneously. The plus point is that they don’t need to be in the same place to play games together. The amazing social aspect of online multiplayer gaming makes them more and more popular in the online gaming society. Today, players can join the potential of creating a joint venture or enter a competition. What exactly set these games apart from the majority? Shhhh. Let us tell you!

Multiplayer games help increase your interaction

In multiplayer games, audiences will be more connected than ever before. And, it is increasingly expected that players will interact more with each other. That’s why you will easily get a sense of fun and excitement that no single-player game can bring. You will fight and play against real-life people instead of the bot. So, your gaming experience will be more exciting and varied.

Boost up your competitive spirit

The highly competitive element in multiplayer gaming is what attracts gamers most. This aspect makes multiplayer games more addictive. For example, in casino mobile games to play with friends online, all online gamers have an equal chance to compete with each other and compare their performance to that of their opponents.*

Competition can spice up the games for players since they find out something to fight for and someone to play against besides the computer. Then, players will tend to play multiplayer games for longer. Also, it means that these games will offer players a completely different challenge or experience that you will never get from playing against the computer.*

Enhance teamwork skills

As we can see, most attraction and benefits of multiplayer gaming are based on the social aspects it is related. Tons of many multiplayer games help encourage team working skills within these games. If players don’t work together effectively, it will become more difficult to win or succeed within these games. Thanks to all the achievements of multiplayer games, we can expect further innovation and interesting advances in gaming in the future of free online games.

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Default Re: It's time for a new RPG game ?

Character: Daigan Kelso/Lady Nox

Once a sweet young girl from a farming community, Daigan (Irish spelling of "Dawn") was recruited by a sect of "dark-siders" (if this is a fantasy game, she was inducted into a group of power-hungry wizards; in a modern or sci-fi game lacking powers she'd be more akin to a poisoner/assassin type). She is now totally amoral, seeing nothing wrong with torture, murder, induced madness, and psychological manipulation of all kinds to fulfill her ends; in her mind, the ends always justify the means.

However, her ends in this case happen to be fairly noble: she's assisting in the overthrow of a tyrannical regime. At present she doesn't want to be in charge herself - that's too much work!

Although her sect of dark-siders has an opposing "light side" faction, Daigan is a pragmatic sort and does not seek to eliminate the opposing faction, unlike other dark-siders in her sect. She honestly believes the two sides need each other, and that neither could exist without the other to keep them in check; that belief happens to be unique among her sect, so she keeps it secret.

I'd originally wanted to make her a Sith apprentice in a Rise of the Empire/Rebellion-era Star Wars game, as part of a sect separate from the line of Darth Bane, possibly even working with a bunch of Jedi while never considering turning to the light. The GM of that game however didn't like the "rival Sith faction" idea. Spoilsport! :(
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