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Default Another Resurrection Question

My Apologies in advance, I have scoured the forums to the best of my abilities.
When a Cleric resurrects a Monster on his turn instead of kicking down the door, he is forced to discard a card.
My Question, simply, is whether or not the Cleric may choose to put the monster underneath the door card he is discarding to use his ability at the end of his turn.
The FAQ states: "The player whose turn it is discards all cards and decides the order they are discarded if it is relevant"
Thank you in advance, this will really soothe some salty hearts to hear an answer.
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Default Re: Another Resurrection Question

You are discarding a card to resurrect a monster, instead of kicking down the door. You discard the card first, then fight the monster. After the battle, the monster is discarded on top of the discard pile. You cannot insert discarded cards underneath ones that have already been previously discarded.
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Default Re: Another Resurrection Question

You have to complete each step before moving forward.

In this case, you discard a card to resurrect the monster. The card goes to the top of the discard pile a this time once you resolve the action.

You have now resurrected a monster, which you have to fight. Fight the monster as normal.

Once the monster is defeated, the monster and any One Shot Items or monster enhancers used must be discarded at the same time. If there are any Items or enhancers to be discarded, the player whose turn it is can decide what order these cards will be added on top of the discard pile. The previously discarded cards cannot be rearranged.
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cleric, discard, order, resurrection

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