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Default Re: [Game] Collaborative world building for DFRPG.

Originally Posted by Daigoro View Post
Question 26
Where would a group of delvers go if they decided they needed to do some research?
Originally Posted by KarlKost View Post
Question 26: Research.

There are several places that hold the knowledge in the city.
Answer 26b
In addition to those, there's also the Catloggs Rume run by Harrick's Halfblood Champions. The Catloggs Rume is located in the old Yellowtop Garrison, making use of the original chandler's quarters. This means two things- visitors often have to contend with extremely low ceilings and tight doorways, although renovations are slowly underway; and there is at least a layer of ancient candle wax over every original shelf and surface, if not larger mound-like deposits.

The Catloggs are a collection of records of monsters, gathered over the years to help the Champions with their mission, from as wide a variety of sources as they can get hold of. Thus they contain lots of rumour and hearsay, but there are centuries of legitimate research contained therein as well. The problem, of course, is distinguishing one from the other.

The primary point of contact for adventurers with this trove of monster information is through the Champions' twice weekly seminars, where various excerpts from the Catloggs are read aloud for the benefit of illiterate monster fighters. Guest speakers, veterans of combat with unique or interesting monsters and returning adventurers, are also often invited to share their knowledge with seminar attendees, while a chronicler takes notes on these testimonies to be later incorporated into the Catloggs. Gold coin donation, but light refreshments are provided. The talks have become a good meeting place for adventurers to get information or recruit new team members.

The Catloggs Rume is open access, so adventurers are allowed to peruse the collection freely during opening hours. The problem, however, is that a lot of the scrolls are written by semi-literate half-orcs with bad hand writing. There is one era of Catloggs, when the Rume was under the care of an elven scholar, when the scrolls were fantastically illuminated and very legible, but that was some decades ago.

The Rume also has a physical artifacts collection of boxes of monster relics- teeth, horns, hides, skeletons, claws, weapons, tools and such. Unfortunately, proper cataloging and archiving of the collection is likewise spotty (-2 on Research rolls). They do pay for interesting and significant additions to the collection, though, as an extra income stream for beginning adventurers.

The current custodian of the Catloggs Rume is Head Readdrr Horncrick, Sixth Degree Champion and Holder of the Seeing Rock, an aged and withered half-orc who uses a large, battered quartz lens as a reading glass. His current opus is the Monstrrrs Survie vol X (that's volume X, not 10, because he's not sure what number he should be up to). He'll quiz returning adventurers for hours, given the chance, about the beasts they encountered, but the work he produces is heavy on illustrations and spare on descriptive text. He is however a good contact for new quests, directing teams to different locations to investigate rumoured lairs and dungeons.

Question 39
What is the new addition to the Catloggs Rume's artifacts collection that is causing quite the stir amongst the adventuring community of Newbridge?
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