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Old 12-30-2020, 07:00 PM   #1
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Default Two-Handed Sword

Hello there, my Question is about the effect of the "Two-Handed Sword".

The Card says:
"+2 Bonus
Two-Handed Sword
(Picture of a Sword having two own hands)
This is a one-handed weapon, but it has two hands of its own, so you get a net gain of one hand when you wield it...
-1 Hand | 800 Gold Pieces"

So unfortunately we found two different interpretations of the card.

1. You can hold the sword in one hand (cause its one-handed) and another one-handed weapon in the other hand. And the sword himself can also hold two one-handed weapons, caused by the text "it has two hands of its own".
So in total there would be four hands. The sword itself in combination with 3 other one-handed weapons can be hold.
But in this case it would be a net gain of two i think.

2. Again you can hold the sword in one hand (cause its one-handed) and another one-handed weapon in the other hand. But you only can add one other one-handed weapon to the setup.
Now you have a net gain of one.
Also can the one-handed "Two-Handed Sword" be explained. The Sword uses one of its own hands to hold itself - so you just have to use one instead of two hands to wield it. Then the sword just has one hand left to use another one-hand weapon.
In this case there would be a total of three hands.

I'm absolutely thinking it's theory 2, just by doing simple maths:
Starting always with two empty hands: -2
So you can carry a weapon in each that fullfill these: +1 +1
And the buff of the card: -1
=> -2+1+1-1=-1
As you can see there is just one hand empty.

We've searched in the internet for a long time but couldn't find an explicit answer.
Hopefully someone here is able to help us :D

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Old 12-30-2020, 10:15 PM   #2
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Default Re: Two-Handed Sword

It's still only a net gain of one. When you start off, you have 2 empty hands (2). Equip the sword (2-1=1). Sword has 2 hands of it's own so you now have 3 empty hands (1+2=3).

Because the sword counts as a weapon itself, you would be able to have 4 1-handed weapons which is where you are probably getting confused. When you just have the sword itself equipped, it is a gain of one empty hand.
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Old 12-31-2020, 07:36 AM   #3
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Default Re: Two-Handed Sword

It is your answer "1.", more or less. You can mix a two-hand item in there too, in place of two of the one-hand items.

The "Two-Handed Sword" is not a 1-handed item. It is a "-1"-handed item, as described by the text in the lower left. It does not subtract a hand when you equip it, it adds one instead.
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