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Default Boss Push Over?

Bought the game, played three games in the past two days (all two player games) and becoming more confident we're playing correctly. Lovin' it overall.

In all of our games the big boss battle seems like a huge let down. By the time a player gets to level 10, he's ammassed a huge arsenal of items that make the bosses a push over, even with harassement from the other player being thrown in to prevent the player from winning.

Are we playing right? Boss is level 20 no matter what. So his roll is 20 plus his modifiers. Our roll is 10, plus armor, weapons, potions etc. We're allowed one suit of armor, one helmet, one weapon in each hand (unless a two handed weapon) unless we've got a third hand, then that would add one more hand, plus any potential racial bonuses, plus any of the unlimited number of items contained in our belts, plus curses thrown from our hand.

Sound like we're playing correctly? Perhaps we've just been very lucky thus far? Or perhaps we're playing all wrong (see other post 'Basic Combat ?).

Thanks for any help.


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Default Re: Boss Push Over?

There is nothing to stop a player from playing monster enhancers on a boss monster. A boss monster is just a level 20 no matter what when it is first drawn, after that if your opponents want to throw a couple "+10 to level of monster", or whatever else, onto the boss then there is nothing to stop them from this (well at least as long as they have the cards to do it).
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