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Old 12-29-2008, 03:58 PM   #1
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Default Few newb questions


First of all, I want to start out with saying what a great game I think this is. Even though the rules are quite a lot, we've had some funny discussions about how to interprete them when we couldnt find anything in the general rules ( or like the schmucks we are, didnt read them carefully enough). That said, I apologize for asking a question, that may have already been answered in the general rules, and I've searched for them in the FAQ and through the search option on these boards. I do have some questions though...:

1. When a card says that either male or female get +1 bonus, or no bonus or whatever, does this mean the players' gender, or the gender of a cartoon on the cards? ( Like some class-cards or race-cards have them )

2. When fighting multiple monsters, the monsters throw dices accordingly to the amount of dices they get together ( as they're fighting as a group ). Do you, as a munchkin, also get 1 dice ( or more according to any DxM you have in use ) per monster you're facing, or just 1 dice?

3. Does the room bonus ( i.e. "good" for thiefs ) give you one extra dice when fighting monsters in that room, or just when you "search" the room?

Thanks in advance for answering these questions, and apologies if they have been answered before and I wasnt reading the correct posts. And also sorry for any spelling errors or gramatical errors... I'm Dutch, what can I say :D
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Default Re: Few newb questions

You broke the only rule
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Default Re: Few newb questions

Read the Forum rules, too. In the future, post one unrelated question per thread. . .

But, to answer your questions: Character gender starts out the same as player gender, unless your group has a better answer to improve character (if not player) diversity; you are only one munchkin, so you get one die for combat, not one die per Monster, unless something gives you more, which includes the room being good for your Race or Class (check the rules, they say as much).
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