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The Colonel
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Default Stross's Laundry vs. Campbell's Goatswood

Looking again at converting the CoC supplement "Ramsey Campbell's Goatswood" for Cubicle 7's Laundry RPG.

Would anyone happen to know if Glaaki and Eihort have canon codenames yet? IIRC Y'golonac is known as MOUTHY INTERLOPER ... but that may be fan made. If no canon exists, what do we think of GANGRENE TURTLE and DUNGEON PACYDERM for Glaaki and Eihort respectively.

Also, do we recall if the Laundry and the Shan have run into each other yet?

And no, I have no interest in converting "Gothic" for Phangs. Because the whole adventure stank.
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Default Re: Stross's Laundry vs. Campbell's Goatswood

Those codenames look fine. I'm pretty sure the Laundry have not encountered the Shan in the stories, although I don't know what Cubicle 7 have published.
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