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Default Returning Signature Gear?


How would you model a piece of Signature Gear equipment that magically returns to your hand when you call it with a Ready maneuver (small gesture: open hand)? As a pop culture example, think of Mjölnir, Thor's hammer.

I was thinking along the lines of Telekinesis 16* (Increased Range 3, +30%; Signature Gear only, -80%; Attraction**, -60%; generic power modifier, -10%) [16]
*the PC has ST 16 and would use this on a melee weapon with a range of 16, requiring TK Move 16 to make the return trip (worst case, on a miss) in one second.
** includes the provision for Ready instead of Concentrate

Does anyone have a better build? Too expensive? Not expensive enough? Is -80% the correct modifier (not that it matters much, we're already way over the limitation limit)? Is there a common name for magically returning stuff that I could feed into the forum search?
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Default Re: Returning Signature Gear?

One alternative (which isn't de rigueur these days):

From Magic (M63), the spell Loyal Sword has pretty much the desired effect for 750 enchantment points per pound of the weapon's weight. It moves a little slower, but doesn't require a Ready maneuver, I'd call it a variant spell and the cost is a wash.

I usually allow for character points to be traded for enchantments during character generation (just like they can be traded for cash). Figure out how much your loyal weapon costs to enchant and the cost is easy enough to calculate.
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Default Re: Returning Signature Gear?

You could enchant it with Loyal Sword, or you could use the Returning Weapon Imbuement Skill. Sorcery includes rules for turning a single Imbuement Skill into an advantage.
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signature gear, telekinesis

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