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Default Magic Lamp

Level 2 monster being fought, this monster gets a +10 enhancer played on it, also a wandering monster is played to add a level 8 monster into the fight. Lvl2 monster brings 1 treasure, with the +10 it now brings 3 treasures.

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Typically, I assume, that when fighting multiple monsters in a room, if a card removes a monster but leaves it's treasure, you get the treasure should you clear all the monsters in a room.

Question: If magic lamp removes an enhanced monster from a room, with multiple monsters in it. Do you get all the treasures of the enhanced monster, or do you just get the original amount of treasures the monster had because you did not defeat it, or do you get nothing from that monster because there are multiple monsters in combat, and the magic lamp says you only get the treasure(Of removed monster) if that is the only monster in the room?

also, this is assuming you can kill the other monsters in the room.

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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp gives you the Treasure for a monster you've knocked out of a fight only when it was the only monster IN the fight. If there were other monsters, then the monster you kicked out with Magic Lamp takes its Treasure with it when it goes.

If you play Magic Lamp on an enhanced monster that's alone, you get the same Treasure you would have if you'd killed it.
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