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Default Question about Basic Lift with follow up about Telekinesis

So in the Basic Set pg. 15, it says that basic lift is how much you can lift with one hand in one second. If you were lifting something with two hands, would the basic lift be doubled to lift in one second? So for example, with a ST of 10, a person's one handed lift is 20 lbs. in one second. If he uses both hands, is his basic lift 40 lbs. in one second?

My follow up question is dependent on the answer to the first when applied to Telekinesis (Basic Set pg. 92) It says that telekinesis is used "as if you were grasping them in a pair of hands with ST equal to your Telekinesis level." Since I don't believe TK is meant to be able to lift two separate items at once, when calculating the basic lift for a Telekinetic, do you double the weight as if it was being lifted by two (invisible) hands?
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Default Re: Question about Basic Lift with follow up about Telekinesis

Lifting and Moving Things, p. B353.

Two handed lift is 8×BL in four seconds.
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