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Old 02-17-2016, 11:11 AM   #1
Tom Mazanec
Join Date: Oct 2007
Default Ellylon in Yrth.

Would Ellylon be good as a "new" race for Yrth?
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Default Re: Ellylon in Yrth.

Ellylons work well in Yrth. 3E used them in Yrth quite a bit, so 4E can fit them quite readily.
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simply Nathan
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Default Re: Ellylon in Yrth.

Fantasy Folk and the Magic Items books tended to presume Yrth as the go-to fantasy setting for GURPS, and in fact Magic Items both pointed out one of its weapons being in the possession of a living political figure if the GM is running Fantasy as written instead of homebrewing his own setting and using the supplements for stats and described one cursed item as shrinking the victim "to the size of an Ellylon compared to an Ellylon".
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Old 02-22-2016, 01:42 PM   #4
Gold & Appel Inc
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Default Re: Ellylon in Yrth.

I don't see a problem including Ellylon in Yrth. If you're playing 4e, the Pixie stats from DF3 would probably work a lot better, but you can drop their culture right into the setting. They're probably an import from Loren'dil. You could isolate them in some secluded corner of the world where things are weird, like the Blackwood or Billit Island, or they could be fully-integrated into society like the Goblins, with hive-like Ellylon neighborhoods full of stacked dwellings the size of filing cabinets in Megalos, legends of the Ellyl Knight who slew a dragon five centuries ago in Caithness, Ellyl priests saying very high-pitched mass, etc.
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ellylon, yrth

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