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Default Telekinesis and Remote Shooting

So a situation has come up in a play-by-post game I am GMing, and I'm not sure how it should be resolved.

Two characters are involved in a sword fight. One of them has a Compartmentalized Mind and several levels of Telekinesis. A number of yards away from where they are fighting, there is a ranged weapon.

While they are fighting the character with the CM uses his TK to pick up the gun, and wants to use it to shoot his opponent. The TK has Visible, and the character to be shot at made a PER roll to notice, so they will get to defend.

My question is, what, if any, penalty should the shooter take in order to hit?

Range from the gun to the target is obvious, but what else?

He can see his target, and "feel" his gun with his Telekinesis. But he can't see from the guns point of view. No HUD or any sort of magic remote senses for that.

If the answer is in one of my books, I haven't been able to find it. If the answer is written someplace, where can I find it, and if it isn't what penalty seems reasonable to you?
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Default Re: Telekinesis and Remote Shooting

This would also come in to play for a wizard who is blind but can see through a familiar's eyes. Unless the familiar is perched on his head and always looking forward, there should be a penalty, but not as much as if it were just blindness.

With a TK, does "body sense" come with TK? If you close your eyes, you still have a pretty good chance of pointing a gun in your hand at any part of your body or something your other hand is holding. Likewise shooting from the hip or other trick shooting (since the TK in your example isn't also holding or touching the opponent). Is it like shooting from the "hip" with a *really* long arm, Mister Fantastic style? Aiming should be impossible, but are there penalties?
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Default Re: Telekinesis and Remote Shooting

I was looking in High Tech at the artillery rules, but there, direct use of cannon uses Gunner skill. Tactical Shooting doesn't have anything to say on the matter beyond that not looking through the sights means no All-Out Attack (Determined) or Aim maneuvers. Personally, I'd be tempted to either treat the PC as the forward observer and use the artillery rules in HT anyway, or I'd treat it as a wild swing of sorts, although HT would allow for him accidentally shooting himself on a crit fail...
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Default Re: Telekinesis and Remote Shooting

I don't know of a rule for this, but I would estimate it as being similar to the penalty for
"Turning in exposed saddle/seat of vehicle/mount to fire at foe behind: -4" (B548)

I might also limit the benefits of Acc since you can't line up your vision behind the weapon.
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Default Re: Telekinesis and Remote Shooting

Originally Posted by Humabout View Post
... I'd treat it as a wild swing of sorts, although HT would allow for him accidentally shooting himself on a crit fail...
That's my call.
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