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Old 10-05-2004, 10:32 PM   #1
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Default Critical Defenses versus jet attacks

Normally, a critical success of any defense against a melee attack forces the attacker to roll on the critical miss table. However, critical successes of defenses against ranged attack does nothing out of the ordinary, with the exception of thrown weapons.

However, Jet attacks, either from magic spells such as flame jet, or innate attacks with the jet enhancement, fall into neither category distinctly. This leads to my question: how is a critical success on a defense against a jet attack resolved?

The Flame jet spell has a reach of 1-3, and the standard innate attack turned into a jet has a range of 5/10. While the paragraph for the jet enhancement says to treat the attack as a melee attack, with no penalties for range or speed, it does not seem to make sense to me that dodging a jet of fire from someone 30 feet away could cause them physical injury.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Possibly a clarification posted by Kromm, or a rules reference I missed?

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Default Re: Critical Defenses versus jet attacks

Treat it just like a melee attack, except that when you "unready," "drop," "throw away," or "break" a jet, it goes out and you have to spend time reactivating it. Most of the other results are quite sensible: a jet user could shoot himself by mistake, or even overreach himself so badly while tracking his target that he becomes unbalanced, falls, or strains something.
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