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Old 02-02-2023, 07:04 PM   #11
Mallen the dark
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Default Re: Reprints?

Originally Posted by selenite View Post
For a hex grid and combat results table wargame, just being in print marks it as among the chosen few.

I'm unpacking from a move. Some of my old Avalon Hill/SPI games haven't turned up yet. If they're not in some mislabeled box, I expect I'll never play them again.

(Or in the case of Freedom In the Galaxy, look at it while wistfully dreaming of finding another serious gamer after my retirement who might be willing to devote a week to it.)
If your in the west georgis area, I might be your nemesis. I even have a copy of Freedom in the Galaxy
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Location: Minnesota
Default Re: Reprints?

Originally Posted by Mallen the dark View Post
If your in the west georgis area, I might be your nemesis. I even have a copy of Freedom in the Galaxy
Alas, I'm in Minnesota, but if we're ever at a con together I'll take you up on that. Nice thing about FITG is that one player can knock out a game of Ogre while the other is taking his turn.
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Default Re: Reprints?

Originally Posted by whatheck View Post
Hello! I just discovered OGRE and am loving my 6th edition set. So many good games so far with friends and my 7yo.

I'm kind of trying to get a pulse on the products.....
Hi there, sorry for the late reply - I don't tend to visit here that often these days.

I can mention the Ogre S&TO countersheet, as we still have a small stock of them that remain available. However, we do have to contend with just a few problems....

1. I'm UK-based - in fact, I recall we were the only non-US major backer for the Ogre ODE KS - but being Eastwards across the Atlantic has some problems. Firstly, Royal Mail was hacked last month, and any International Shipping is currently offline. We don't yet know when that service is getting properly restored either.

2. We had a 'thing' called 'Brexit' happen here too, and for small businesses it was like getting kicked in the head by a runaway truck! UK Exports have been hit by a metric ton of red-tape & additional export costs to the point where I am winding up my company - at the very least, it's going dormant.

3. I had side-stepped much of this by sending a 'stock' of S&TO countersheets back across the Pond to a few solid loyal US friends, to have them as a handy US-based supply source. I suspect they may not have much left - and I'm stuck with Issues 1 & 2 above that prevent me from doing a replenishment to them.

So, I would love to help you get more out of Ogre but supply options are somewhat restricted - in the meantime, please take a look at the free rules here to see what we have on offer, once we can get back into a position to help you & other new Ogre players :)
$4.5K Counter Sheet Sponsors - Strategic & Tactical Objectives by Tiffin Games UK

E-mail Contact:

BGG Link:

Update: 8th June 2018 - officially formatted S&TO Rules Version 3 now available on this website.
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