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Default Re: many is to many?

Originally Posted by AlanS78 View Post
We play with base plus expansions 2,3,4,5,7,8 - #8 specifies not overloading the cards, so we took some of those out before adding them to the decks.
We just split the Door and Treasure cards in half and paly with one half per game.
We have our doors split in three piles and treasure in two, we choose from either deck, then when we play a second we just leave the used ones off to the side. Makes for some interesting games when you know certain cards have been used already. :p
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Default Re: many is to many?

Since the first post of this tread I purchased munchkin legends and added to the mix it all plays great but the shuffling of the cards can take a bit of time.reading other threads I got some good pointers on shuffling I find that if I make 1 inch thick piles and take one and shuffle each pile and then split it again and I do this about 14 times per pile I get a nice takes about 10 minutes but I think it's worth it.i do this for doors and treasures treasures being easier since there is less but again I think I get a nice shuffle.hope this helps a few people.
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Default Re: many is to many?

One of my sets is about 2000 cards, including the fantasy base set, all 8 expansions and pretty much all of the fantasy backed boosters. I find it works just fine as far as balance goes, especially so if playing Epic Munchkin or on occasion, with more than six players.

As for shuffling, the easiest method I've found to keep things random is, since I never use the whole deck at once, in most cases, when the game ends I randomly insert the cards used in the game back into the unused deck, guaranteeing that I will not see repeat packets of cards turn up in future games, as well as cycle all the cards through at some point. It also means I never have to shuffle the entire deck at one time.
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