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Default Siege engine card


Can someone please explain +4 siege do you use this card. is it a item you keep in front of you giving you a +4 bonus or is it a one time bonus for that fight. i do not understand what the card means by saying "you may ride in the siege engine at the start of combat. it does not count against the number of big items you have in play". I know you can't have more them one big item unless the card says otherwise. Please explain card. Thax
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Default Re: Siege engine card

This entry from the FAQ might help:

Q. Can you explain the Siege Engine to me?
A. The original version of the Siege Engine relied on an older version of the Hireling card, which was worded somewhat strangely. We rewrote this card entirely when we colored the cards. Now the Siege Engine is a 2-Handed Big item that doesn't count against your Big items, and you can choose whether to use it at the start of a combat, gaining a +4 bonus but accepting a -1 Run Away penalty.
So the card never counts against your Big Items, meaning you can have another one in addition to it. At the beginning of any combat, you can choose to use it and you are allowed to unequip other Handed Items to do so. If you do, you get a +4 bonus, but will also get a -1 on your Run Away rolls if you end up losing the battle.
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