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Old 01-30-2013, 06:28 PM   #1
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Default Cards without "useable only once"

I was playing with my parents and a friend the other night and the Friendly card came up. My step-dad got it and proceeded to use it, but didn't discard it. We started a huge argument about whether or not he could keep it and keep using it over and over again. He says he can keep using it because it does not say "useable only once," but the rest of us think he can't. Can he do this? Is the card meant to be used more than once? And what about with cards similar to it like Dead: Monster Does Not Fight?
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Default Re: Cards without "useable only once"

Cards that are not Items only stay in play if they give you a persistent bonus (e.g., Really Impressive Title) or are otherwise covered in the rules (such as Race and Class cards). They do not need the text "Usable once only."

The part in the rules that covers this is:
Originally Posted by Munchkin Rules
Other Treasure cards (like Go Up a Level cards) are “specials.” You may play these at any time, unless the card itself says otherwise. Follow the card’s instructions, then discard it, unless it has a persistent bonus like an Item.
The same applies to Door cards, like Dead and Friendly, so they must be discarded after use. Some Doors and non-Items will say "Usable once only," but it is not a necessity.
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Default Re: Cards without "useable only once"

"Usable once only," for all intents and purposes, should only matter with respect to Items. Though some non-Item cards do say it, they are the exception, not the rule. Regardless, neither of those cards are Items, so a lack of "usable once only" has nothing to do with how these cards are to be treated. Also, any card type that the rules do not explicitly say that it stays in play (e.g., Classes, Items), should be discarded once its effect is over. Friendly is the kind of card that its effect is done when combat is over, so it gets discarded. Same with Dead. If your father wants to argue this, you could say that these cards are Monster Enhancers, and the rules specifically say that you should discard the Monster(s), Monster Enhancers, and one-shot Items after combat is over.
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Default Re: Cards without "useable only once"

Awesome. Thanks very much!
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Default Re: Cards without "useable only once"

I do lots of "in-adventure" rationale.
Had I been playing, I'd have pointed out when he tried to use the card again, that the first monster was indeed still friendly towards him, but as it had wandered off, that has no bearing on the combat-at-hand.
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