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Default A Monsterish Proposal

So let me start out by saying I don't think magic is real, and co-incidences are totally a thing.

However, I also note that shortly after I posted the Ordinary Cat on Sunday (and evileyore Gnomcoified it), we get news that a new DF bestiary is being considered. The "Lucky Socks" interpretation of Quantum Electrodynamics suggests that there may be some sort of spooky action at a distance going on. The implications for science are staggering, but on this board we are more interested in the implications for the DFRPG.

Obviously, the thing to do is post more monsters. Who's with me?

To be 100% clear, since I may have been misunderstood - post monsters, on this board or your blogs or wherever, because it's fun and drives up interest in DFRPG. Don't post monsters because you think they'll get into the bestiary. Let Kromm Kromm.

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Default Re: A Monsterish Proposal

Originally Posted by martinl View Post
Obviously, the thing to do is post more monsters. Who's with me?
You've got my alembic!
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Default Re: A Monsterish Proposal

Let me get my lucky astrology mood watch.
Per Ardua Per Astra!

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