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Default DF: Incantations Questions

So I finally got around to getting my hands on DF 19: Incantations.

Now, I was up for about 22 hrs when I skimmed over it, so i could just be an error on my part but I have some issues with how its set up.

I really like how it works, with the SP and casting times and all. The Scripts and the Infusions are a nice touch etc.

I really like how its handled. Dare I say it, Possibly more than RPM.

However. I really, Really, REALLY, disagree with the 8 paths presented in Incantation. Me personally, I don't see how "Demonology" is one of the 8 fundamental pieces of reality.
Same way with inability to cast a heal spell, and a few other bits and pieces.

Now, I have read, and do understand the "Incantation magic and other system", and the "Publication History" states that incantation magic is NOT rpm. That it is a derivative, that was reworked to fit Dungeon Fantasy. And that "All sections have been heavily modified to fit dungeon fantasy"

Now, My question, does anybody know How and Why those sections have been changed?

I don't play Dungeon Fantasy, and I feel Incantations could fit nicely in a world that I'm building. And I know that I could probably just swap the Paths back over, and re balance a few things, and just make do.

But I would like to know what was changed and why it was changed to make that whole process easier.
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