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Default Re: The Obligatory “How Did You Get Started in TFT” Thread

Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
My excellent big brother bought OGRE through the mail after seeing an ad in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. After having hours of fun for only a couple of bucks on that gamble, we bought the Melee and Wizard microgames. After a couple of years, we picked up the basic boxed set of D&D, the one with the red dragon on the cover, and got a dungeon-delving group going with neighborhood friends who were already seasoned TFT gladiators. But I never liked D&D's magic system, and I thought Melee had more believable and intuitive combat, armor, etc., so we switched back to TFT as soon as ITL, AM, and AW became available. Nobody seemed to mind (except one parent who had shelled out for every single hardcover D&D book for her kids). We played TFT (in homebrewed settings, not Cidri) until I bought GURPS 1st ed. sometime around '86, but by then we were all scattering off for college.
Ogre was my first wargame. I saw an ad in Starlog magazine that began with “The command post is well guarded. Tanks, armed hovercraft, missile cannon, infantrymen in powered armor - all with one mission: to defend that vital spot. And your job is to go in and destroy it. Alone. But when those defenders see you, they'll wish they were somewhere else. Because you're not a man. You're a thinking machine - the deadliest ever on any battlefield. You're the OGRE."

Incredibly evocative to someone who loved Star Trek, war movies and what little military sci-fi existed in the mid-1970. Mainly Starship Troopers and an odd little pulp novel called “Siege of Earth” by Matthew Faucette.

The next week, I had was in the local hobby store looking at model rockets when I blundered into the game section. There was Ogre, along with several issues of the Space Gamer magazine. I bought Ogre and two magazines.

I eventually bought every Microgame, primarily because they were cheap.
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