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Default Rokurokubi template

I'm making a Rokurokubi character. I'm sort of basing it on the character Rokka Ayatsuji from the manga Youkai Shoujo: Monsuga. Rokurokubi are familiar with GURPS veterans from GURPS Classic: Japan. For those who don't know, it is essentially a Japanese monster (youkai) that is a woman that can make her neck very long. Sometimes they are depicted as maneating monsters, but others depictions show them as trying to live a regular life.

She has a template of [130] points, with ST 14 [40], DX 12 [40], Constriction Attack [15], Damage Resistance of 3 (Tough Skin) [9], Peripheral Vision [15], Rapid Healing [5], Stretching 3 (Neck Only) [9], Striker (Crushing)(Head)(Long +3) [20], Sharp Teeth [1], the Brawling skill at 12 [4], and the Head Butt (Brawling) technique at 14 [4], and [-15] in Disadvantages from Compulsive Behavior (Drinking Lamp Oil) [-5],
Compulsive Behavior (Frightening People) [-10], Reputation [any], Secret (Utter Rejection) [-10], Sleepwalker (with her head!) [-5], or Social Stigma (Monster) [-15].
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Default Re: Rokurokubi template

Originally Posted by Kilmore View Post
Striker (Crushing)(Head)(Long +3) [20]
The fact she has Stretching for the Neck should eliminate the need for Long on the striker - she has to stretch her neck out (making it an easier hit location) to strike at a distance.

Originally Posted by Kilmore View Post
DX 12 [40] ... Brawling skill at 12 [4]
Brawling is Easy, so getting it to 12 (DX+0) would only cost [1]. [4] would be enough for 14 (DX+2).

Originally Posted by Kilmore View Post
Head Butt (Brawling) technique at 14 [4]
I'm not certain getting Head Butt above skill is legal; if it is, the build here is actually Technique Mastery (Head Butt) [1] and Head Butt +2 [3] - noting that you had to buy a Perk is important (note also this means you can get Head Butt up to 16 for another [2]).

Of course, if you did indeed intend for the character to have DX 12 and [4] in Brawling (for skill 14), then she doesn't even need the Head Butt technique to get it to 14 - creatures with Strikers on their head can use them at full skill.

Originally Posted by Kilmore View Post
Compulsive Behavior (Drinking Lamp Oil) [-5]
She probably needs a trait to avoid getting poisoned by doing so - kerosene isn't so good for you.

Originally Posted by Kilmore View Post
Sleepwalker (with her head!) [-5]
Is this her head being detached, it operating on its own while anchored to her sleeping body, or something else? The first requires another Advantage (Injury Tolerance: Independent Body Parts), the second would probably make Sleepwalker a Quirk (it doesn't run the risk of falling down stairs, walking into sentries, etc), and the last would depend on the specifics.
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Default Re: Rokurokubi template

Thank you for your response!

Your first comment will save me a lot of points, so I'll enthusiastically embrace that.

I built the template in GCA, so I'll have to look at that Brawling. And MA says that 1. Head Butt is limited to skill, and 2. Races with Strikers on their heads don't need Head Butt, attacking at full skill and doing more damage. So I'll fix that.

Apparently the Japanese used to use rapeseed or sardine oil for their lamps. While not exactly healthy, it's not as poisonous as kerosene.

The sleepwalking was for the head on its own. I figured it would still be a significant problem in causing undue notice, as well as getting into things it shouldn't, attacked by dogs, etc. Maybe still a Quirk, though. I'm not sure.
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