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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

Originally Posted by MIB 1473
Minotaur Division 25 duellists don't see a lot of vans, but they also don't see many pairs of linked Blast Cannons. The Minotaur is a force to be reckoned with, so long as it can keep you in its front firing arc.

Van, Extra-Heavy Chassis, Heavy Suspension, Super Power Plant, two SB PR tires F, four PR tires B, Driver and Gunner with Body Armor, linked BCs F, SWC (at gunner position), MnR L, MnR R, MnR B, FcD B. Plastic Armor: F 50, L 20, R 20, B 25, T 6, U 12. Two 10-point wheelhubs F, two 10-point wheelguards B. 10 points Component Armor around Driver, Gunner, and each MnR. HC 2, Accel 5, Top Speed 95. $24,990, 7197 lbs.
While it's not illegal, my house rules wouldn't let you drive it (do to your use of CA) in any of the games I've run. Also, if I ever ran up against it, after getting hit with one shot from those BC, I'd run like hell. ,
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