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Default Re: Enhancements on Weakness

Weakness (Affliction) Kryptonite:
Rare (Base 1 point), (Attribute Penalty -10 ST, +100%, Incapacitation: Agony* +150%) = -4 Points

Additionally, he has Weakness 1d/Minute and Weakness (Fatigue Damage) 1d/Minute.

Losing his powers in the presence of Kryptonite is just a "Countermeasure" and is included in his Power Modifier.

So, what do you all think?

*Superman himself has High Pain Threshold, so he can still take actions at -3 DX and IQ, which is fair because he can usually bring himself to crawl away or something. As a GM, I'd require a will roll every round to take any action, just as a house rule for agony.
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