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Old 12-24-2017, 02:01 PM   #1
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Default Considerations for slotting DGRPG into an existing setting

Assuming you want to run a DFRPG game in an existing world (or a new world for that matter) what considerations and conceits need to be worked into the world?

For example the world has to have a justification for all the available races. This could be cultures and nations containing these species or in some cases "the wizard did it" would be sufficient.
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Default Re: Considerations for slotting DGRPG into an existing setting

The world doesn't have to force things that don't fit. Just leave out anything that doesn't fit. Including catfolk is a choice -- an awesome choice :) -but still a choice.

I've considered Dragonlance, Spelljammer and some homebrew options and I would feel no problem leaving out fairies or anything that doesn't fit and limiting PC races to those that existed in both.
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Default Re: Considerations for slotting DGRPG into an existing setting

I run a regular homebrew fantasy setting. When I started my first DF game (which has now become my DFRPG game) I didn't want to work up new gods, new lords, new cities, etc. so I just used the ones I had. There are plenty of aspects of DF that didn't fit in my world so I used my "real" world as the backdrop, but kept them as separate instances (to use mmo terminology) of the same place.
It worked pretty well and when something came up that would enrich both, I'd let it seep. When a Cleric's player in my DF game wrote two pages detailing his religion and rituals, it became part of the mainstream canon.

It didn't cause any issues.
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Default Re: Considerations for slotting DGRPG into an existing setting

I think Dark Sun is a setting that would fit extremely well with DFRPG. The extra races (mul, thri-kreen, etc) could potentially be filled with the races left out of DF3: The Next Level, and Low-Tech could handle the bone and obsidian weapons and hide armors. (I understand that both of these are out of the scope of this forum - just noting what has already been done.)

I've also toyed with taking the lore from Palladium Fantasy and making a campaign based on that, since the lore in that book is so much better than the mechanics.
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