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Default Re: TL6-TL9 Parkour-friendly settings?

You could just run a game about realistic modern traceurs; possibly centered around a professional race circuit.
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Default Re: TL6-TL9 Parkour-friendly settings?

There is parkour in a space station in a recent Schlock Mercenary story arc. With the troops getting a course in the martial art parkata urbatso.
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Default Re: TL6-TL9 Parkour-friendly settings?

Originally Posted by Genesis View Post
That's great. Yoink - totally stealing it for my own post-apocalypse setting.
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Default Re: TL6-TL9 Parkour-friendly settings?

One thing I noticed in the game (although it's possible I was mistaken) was that you are essentially impossible to hit so long as you keep running (and don't run directly toward a gunman). Greatly increasing penalties for relative velocity, as well as giving everyone a few levels of Enhanced Dodge (Ranged Only, Only while moving) can go a long way to encouraging parkour and discouraging firearms*. Enhanced Move (Ground), modified to require parkour (Requires Skill Roll, and an equivalent to Road-Bound, but dependent on a complex environment instead), can also be appropriate.

As for location, a complex, partially ruined, traffic-congested urban setting can encourage courier-type characters to make heavy use of parkour, as doing so will often give the fastest route from point A to point B. An ancient ruin might also be possible to design - with various traps, uncertain footing, and complex design it might be your best bet to keep moving, taking whatever path is necessary. For more fantastic settings, some designs for tree villages (as for elves or other creatures) may encourage parkour as the best way to get around. At TL9+, there's also the possibility of spaceships/stations - the previously-linked Schlock Mercenary arc shows a great design for a low-gravity station that encourages parkour. Using spin gravity can make things even more interesting - in addition to the variability in gravity (depending on where you're at), you also have a rotating frame of reference, which can do all kinds of fun stuff (including making firearms still worse, if they don't have "smart" electronics to compensate - as demonstrated here).

*You have to stand still to have a decent shot at hitting anything, and if you stand still you have a very good chance of being shot yourself. Militaries and the like would probably still use them, as parkour is unlikely to be useful on a large scale and they are still perfectly suited for ambush scenarios.
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Default Re: TL6-TL9 Parkour-friendly settings?

Without knowing too much about the game itself...

A high CR society might severely limit the availability of firearms to civilians while also restricting the ability of the authorities to use firearms. IE -- if you're doing your thing on the shady side of society, you're unlikely to see a gun, and if you happen to run afoul of the authorities they're more likely to try to chase and catch you than to shoot you, unless you are demonstrably dangerous.

In terms of specific settings, I immediately think of some Asian city that blends an ultra-modern urban setting with streets packed with bicycles, pedestrians, market stalls, hawkers, peddlers, and so forth, as well as plenty of heavily-scaffolded construction sites.
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Default Re: TL6-TL9 Parkour-friendly settings?

I just ran across this in my notes. Thread necromancy is okay if there's something new added, right?

"The Perfected" Martial Art Style

Core Skills:
Melee Weapon (Any 1-hand weapon up to 3 lb.)

Combat Techniques:
Attack from Above
Back Kick/Strike
Elbow Strike
Head butt
Jump Kick (two different rules: MA p75, B274)
Spinning Attack
Flying jump Kick/ Lunge
Pole vault kick
Springing Attack
Whirlwind Attack

Acrobatics Techniques:
Breakfall (Acrobatics)
Acrobatic Stand
Banister Sliding
Tic Tacs
Vaulting & Diving
Drop Kick (Acrobatic Kicks rules)

Acrobatic Feint
Acrobatic Kicks
Special Exercises (Super Jump),
Special Exercises (Brachiator),
Sure-Footed (Uneven, perhaps others).
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ideas to share, parkour, random thought table

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