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Old 01-12-2010, 09:43 PM   #1
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Default Weirdness Magnet Ideas for a DF Wizard

One of the character in my current DF game is a High Elf Wizard with the Weirdness Magnet disadvantage. I'm trying to think up some "fun" things to happen to him. So far ...
1) He woke up with a bad case of static hair (his long silver hair was standing on end giving off small electric shocks/discharges into nearby people and things)
2) A pet rock will started following him ... everywhere
3) A group of black clad Leprechauns with dark glasses will start following him from a distance, and vanish any time he tries to confront them
4) A friendly Female Ogre, the "adopted daughter" of a local nobleman, will develop a crush on him and start giving him Ogre "courting" gifts (need some good ideas for them ... dead animals, rotten food, ...)
5) A large, 8' tall, talking mole will burrow out of the ground near him and ask for directions ... when he and the rest of the party are trying to hide
6) A "mage light" firefly will start buzing around him at night keeping him awake (when he kills it, two will take its place, ...)
7) A group of halfling "fans" will start following him around
8) A group of small demons, ~8" tall, will start warping in and stealing his food as he starts to take a bite
9) A large tree in the forest, as he is trying to hide, will start lecturing him about the dangers of fire in the forest
10) When camping out in the woods, a small rain cloud will start following him (and only him) around, as soon as he tries to go to sleep, it will rain on him
11) He will wake to find a strange looking goat eating some of his normally non-eadible possesions (e.g., a wooden box, a quiver of crossbow bolts, etc). If killed, two will appear, etc. It/they will only go away if fed real food.
12) A small lizard creature will crawl into his money pouch and start turning his gold coins into copper.
13) A talking zombie salesman will keep trying to sell him some useless item (a red tie), if destroyed, he will reaper after a few minutes.

Any other ideas?

Any of these too much?
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Old 01-12-2010, 11:35 PM   #2
Luke Bunyip
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Default Re: Weirdness Magnet Ideas for a DF Wizard

If he ties up his horse somewhere, when he comes back it has either moved, its saddle cloth and saddle changed, or it has morphed into a different type of beast (horse, camel, ostrich, giant snail).
Whenever he wakes up in the morning, either his hat has altered, his footwear morphed, or his bed has moved (sometimes to a different room).
Whenever he stays somewhere like an inn, he will be handed mail addressed to him. Sometimes it is the DF version of junk mail, other times court notices for someone concerning petty matters.
Whenever he reaches into his bag to get something, the first thing he gets is a random object of no use.
Occasionally he gets acosted by strangers asking for a 'random object' but only if he has discarded it.
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Default Re: Weirdness Magnet Ideas for a DF Wizard

A bear in blue jeans and a lemon-squeezer hat will tell him that only he can prevent forest fires.
copyright Brett Evill
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Old 01-13-2010, 12:15 AM   #4
David Johnston2
Join Date: Dec 2007
Default Re: Weirdness Magnet Ideas for a DF Wizard

In a dungeon fight, he bumps heads with one of the foes, and suddenly finds that he's switched minds with the foe, who flees in confusion.
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Old 01-13-2010, 04:26 AM   #5
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Default Re: Weirdness Magnet Ideas for a DF Wizard

Think t'averen in the wheel of time.

coins always land on edge. dice rolls are always the same (or if you don't want to favour or make him unlucky, always the same as what the other rolls).
Sometimes he can smell other people's emotions. Only, his presence makes people's emotions smell very distinctly, letting everyone smell other's emotions. Could make for some awkward social encounters. Sometimes images of people's future start circling around people's heads in his presence (or maybe images of other people's future start circling around his head. only he can't see them).

Weather, good and bad, follows him.

A group of phaeries start to investigate him as an object of mystic curiosity.

Ravens and other creatures of omens follow him around, even indoors. Play up the fact that to other people, he clearly brings ill tidings. Or very mysterious ones at the least.

Of course, as a wizard he'll probably be wanting to try and play up the 'mysterious' aspect of it.
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Old 01-13-2010, 01:57 PM   #6
Join Date: Dec 2006
Default Re: Weirdness Magnet Ideas for a DF Wizard

See I normally look at weirdness magnet as 'not necessarily good, not necessarily bad, but definitely complicated and often disturbing'. Proper skill rolls should be required every time a weirdness magnet event pops up to avoid disaster, but proper manipulation of such should occasionally allow a positive use.

Essentially I make EVERY NPC that a weirdness magnet deals with be an exception/fantastical; If goblins are traditional lazy and stupid then the goblin the magnet deals with will be of particular intellect, dedication, loyalty, or all three.

No ally, hiring, or other long term connection is straightforward- bought a horse, it's actually a very fat changling who made itself look like a horse as some sort of strange sexual perversion; also explains why you always woke up with drool on your pillow for the last 6 weeks. Pushed someone out of the way at a bar- well as it turns out they had been cursed with X and now they must marry the PC to keep the curse lifted.

This is of course disastrous if defeating a foe requires making use of its races weakness, since the one thing that can be guaranteed is that that weakness is not present on this particular specimen how or why this is the case will leave to be seen (and again may lead to another weakness or way to cancel the weakness with proper application of skills), or perhaps never explained but the party can thank the magnet for why all of there preparation in acquiring silver coated weapons had no effect on the werewolf.

Further social situations that the magnet deals with will often have hefty penalties if not properly researched; example: the merchant is a sadomasochist he'll react at -4 to pleasantries, but +4 to threats of violence.

Coincidentally weirdness magnet is one of the those disadvantages where I look at the player and go 'Are you SURE?' if they put it on there sheet.
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Default Re: Weirdness Magnet Ideas for a DF Wizard

Originally Posted by DAT View Post
4) A friendly Female Ogre, the "adopted daughter" of a local nobleman, will develop a crush on him and start giving him Ogre "courting" gifts (need some good ideas for them ... dead animals, rotten food, ...)
Gotta go with the classic: Chocolate
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Old 01-13-2010, 04:24 PM   #8
Metallic Vortex
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Default Re: Weirdness Magnet Ideas for a DF Wizard

As a member of the party puts his ear to the door, the orcs behind the door say "I think he's here." The orcs then invite the wizard in for tea and ask how he's been, ignoring the rest of the party.

The same scenario happens three adventures later, with the same exact orcs.

Every night he dreams of eating a giant marshmallow. When he wakes up, his pillow is gone.

His horse talks to him, and only him, about how much its feet hurt, the weather, why the rain is only falling in him, and other such fun things.

Whenever he walks through the forest, he occasionally heard one of the trees clear its throat.
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Old 01-15-2010, 02:28 PM   #9
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Default Re: Weirdness Magnet Ideas for a DF Wizard

I use it as an excuse for well, anything pretty much, mostly baddish. It more or less is a good excuse for any silly thing the DM thinks of, and it happens because your weird

Also I realized my DM suggested I take this for a character and posted in this thread, ulp

So far this resulted in her waking up in a sewer after having not existed for 10 odd years or so, which probably was just backstory. The albino talking crocodile that started to hit on her however was almost assuredly weirdness magic
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weirdness magnet, wizard

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