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Default Gnome's Illusion and Restraining Order

Hi guys. Been playing a round of Munchkin yesterday and had a following scenario:
1. I've opened the door and encountered a monster, that i couldn't beat.
2. As a gnome, i've casted a monster from my hand as an Illusion against said monster from behind the door.
3. Another player casted Restraining Order to force me to return my Illusion monster back to my hand.
4. I've decided to play a different monster as an illusion, we've had a massive argument and came to no conclusive results.

Main points of disagreement were:
1. Gnome card says, that i can play one monster as an Illusion. I interpret it as "one at a time", meaning that i can't cast two Illusions in one fight. My opponent interprets it as "one per fight".
2. Thinking back, was it really possible to use Restraining Order in a described situation? There was no other player involved. Does RE forbids me to use cards against a monster or is it meant to protect players only?

Thx in advance, folks.
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Gnome's Illusion and Restraining Order

Restraining Order is a bit loosely written (as was true with many of the earlier cards . . . and some of the recent ones, too). However, it seems pretty clear that the intent is to prevent someone from playing cards specifically against the person who played Restraining Order, not preventing them from playing cards in general. I don't see anything preventing you from playing Illusion with a different monster (or even the same one) because that's not a card being played against the specific opponent who played Restraining Order.
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