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Default Re: In Nomine: the Pacific War (OOC)

Help on what kind of characters to make--

If I understand correctly, we'll have Sunae and Zahirah back. I think we're getting Mitchim back too but I'm not positive. Ash's player has been busy and I don't know whether he's been happy with the game, so I can't speak for him there. Much as I enjoyed them, I don't think we're getting Shenmachel or Rina-el back. Damned shame, because there was such a lovely chemistry between the uptight Sword-seraph and the hippie-chick Flower.

(To say nothing of the big guy with the sword who freaks out over being lied to, and the glorified con man who's befriended him.)

That leaves us minus a Mercurian. The party can function without one, however...the plot is built with layers and webs of secrets. Pretty much every NPC has one, and the key to solving things is to tickle those secrets loose. Corat spilled his, which is why he's less prominent this time around. Ryuki's a very deeply built character, so he's still got one or two, and gets more as time goes on. Poker player, that one.

One way to get A's secrets is to get B talking, or to be able to connect A with B and C. So a character with people skills and interrogation-useful skills will do well. Sure, you beat secrets out of NPC's and with some of them that will work. With others it will just get you a fight.

When negotiations break down, there will be fights. Your Superiors will choose you in part because your fighting skills compliment those already on board. Corat, my Thunder-bunny and newly rechristened Warbird...he'll be around, but don't count on him alone to get you out of scrapes. He's a busy Ofanite.

Your characters will be working in hostile territory, with Heavenly spies who have difficult personalities. Your antagonists will include some black hats but plenty of greys.

RocketMan and Andygal, once I have a sense of the characters you're playing, I'll tie them into the plot. No hurry on the details--the pace of PbP gives me plenty of time to think. Just let me know when you have the basics so I know when to start.

And anyone know a good chat room? The only one I've found has a bit of lag time.
Criminy...these two have enough issues, they can sell subscriptions! (ladyarcana55, in a PM)
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in nomine

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