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Default Board/Card Game recommendation: Money for kids

I'm trying to teach my 7 year old about money, especially in the "spend your own money and stop filching my wallet" sense. Can anyone recommend some games that are fun, require/reward basic arithmetic skills, and have some decision-making element around a currency/resource? Basically, anything where players have to make choices to get "money" and are rewarded for spending it wisely.
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Default Re: Board/Card Game recommendation: Money for kids

Many games feature money, but most of these lack any way to invest or spend meaningfully. Talisman, for instance, let’s you „invest“ gold pieces, but not in the way you probably have in mind.

I rather think any game with a market mechanism, where you invest for future gain, could fit the bill. Acquire would be a good example (and a very good game), just like many modern Euro games. I have no idea whether Acquire is suited for 7 year olds in general, or this one in particular, however.

Monopoly - to adress the moribund elephant in the room - seems to fit the bill, but it‘s dated, and you can get way better games today.
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