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Robert Goodman
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Default Illuminati (classic) sequence of play rules

Illuminati "classic" (i.e. original and expansion and intended deluxification of original) has always been a bit sketchy on sequence of events in play. One question came up tonight: When does a player's turn end? Can the end of a player's turn be delayed by another player's "playable at any time" special event?

In this case the Gnomes of Zurich player after taking income had enough MB to satisfy his special victory condition, so he "declared victory". However, another player had a "may be played at any time" special event card that conceivably could have sucked enough MB out of the Gnomes player's treasuries to make him unable to win then. The Gnomes player thought he had the right to end his turn, and therefore the game, without any other player's being able to use such a card. Some of us thought "playable at any time"/"may be played at any time" could intercede against a player's simply declaring his turn over. Does a player before satisfying a special or regular victory condition have to allow other players to jump in like that to delay his ending his turn?

Similarly, if a player loses control of his last controlled groups after his second turn, is he instantly ("at any time") eliminated from play, or do other players (provided they have the right to engage in gift or trade at that time) have the ability to "save" that player by giving him a group?

My understanding of the spirit of Illuminati was that lightning events of that sort were not to decide a game if a "save" was possible by either delaying the ending of a turn or delaying a player's elimination. But my understanding may have been influenced by AUM in the water cooler.

And what if a player is allowed to jump in with a playable-at-any-time to prevent a player's winning the game; imagine a player who has satisfied a victory condition says, "I'm ending my turn," and then another player says, "Wait!" (which would be the magic word in Magic: The Gathering) and plays such a special event to invalidate that victory. Now the player whose turn he says he's ending says, "In that case, I still have (one/two) actions left, and may still win on this turn." But then the other player says, "No, you said you were ending your turn, so you don't get any more actions or free actions. All you may do now is end your turn inconsequentially." How are these timing issues resolved? I'd suggest that "playable at any time" events must be done while the other player's turn is held in abeyance, and that the right to actions etc. be preserved...but what do I know?

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