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Default Villains worth Stealing!

What it says on the tin, this is meant to be about villains in fiction, TV, film, Comics, and other media and/or history, worth modeling a villain or antagonist on. Although I'll have to wait a day or two before posting useful links, I ask those posting to add links to descriptions of the villain in question and evidence of why they are copy worthy or can be copied. Most twist villains are murder to copy, especially the murderers;-)

I'll go first. May I offer Servalan, the big bad from Blake's 7. She turns convention upside down and sideways. She's as calm and focused a villain as you'll find. Her vast supply of feminine charm she uses as a potent weapon. Although she hired thugs to do her dirty work, she mainly attacks through social manuvers and careful planning. Anyone running an NPC villain based on Servalan would do well to reread Stoddard's GURPS: Social Engineering, it will pay off.

By the way, if rewatching Blake's 7 to study Servalan, also look at Roj Blake. He devolves into a fairly interesting villain himself.

Now, who do you nominate?

The promised links: First to Servalan and then to Blakes7. And this music video explains it so well Servalan "Killer Queen"!
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