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Default Minor error on Sir Yvor Gryffyn

Sir Yvor Gryffin (Delvers To Go, p. 12), has $3,500 worth of equipment ($1000 starting + $2500 from 5 cp converted to cash). This list includes a gold coin and two silver worth "$240" and weighing 0.06. A gold coin is worth $400, so these three coins should be worth $440, not $240. But, the $240 figure is how much cash Yvor should have (he spent $3260 on gear), so we need to change the gold coin into a half coin, worth $200. (This shaves a whopping 0.01 off his total encumbrance too.) Alternatively, he could have an electrum coin or a dozen silver or various other combinations.
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Default Re: Minor error on Sir Yvor Gryffyn

Half gold, then. Gold can be cut, and it looks like a word was cut, too.
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