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Blue Ghost
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Default Re: Was GURPS Autoduel a big thing?

Originally Posted by Chris Goodwin View Post
My group back in the 80's didn't really try to use it for converting Car Wars campaigns to roleplaying; we did start fresh with GURPS Autoduel. Although I think I did reuse a CW character's name, now that I think about it.
No one I ever did CW with ever had the notion to do a GURPS Autoduel game. It was strictly CW.

A loose parallel is Champions / HERO. I bring that up because like Car Wars the Champion system is combat mechanic / dice heavy. And I'm guessing that's why my Car Wars' play groups never did GURPS Autoduel.

I guess another equivalent is historical wargaming. Unless it's D&D where PCs are involved in a battle, I rarely ever see Civil War or WW2 wargamers take characters into battle. Or, extend that experience into a RPG session.

And I'm thinking Car Wars suffers somewhat from that. A game designer said that dice heavy combat games for some reason don't seem to lend themselves to RPing. And even though GURPS Autoduel isn't dice heavy, it seems like there's nary a connection between CW RPing and GURPS Autoduel.

Sorry if this post seems kind of aimless, but this disconnect is something that's been on my mind for some years now.
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