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Old 09-11-2017, 12:12 PM   #1
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Default LONG game

What's the longest game you've played?

Last weekend, 6 of us played a single game that lasted over 5 & 1/2 hours! We did add Kittens, Hipsters, Munchkinomicon, and Fairy Dust. Munchkinomicon seemed to be what held us up at the end, but it was FUN.

Has anyone played a longer game?
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Default Re: LONG game

Munchkinomicon can make any game last forever. Whenever I include it, I house-rule that it only gives you a spell at the beginning of your turn, not when you acquire it, and that seems to fix the "everyone sacrifice to stop this win" problem.

The longest game I've ever been part of was the Southeast Regional Semifinal at Dragon Con many years back, though I was moderating, not playing. It was a cutthroat affair that lasted for about five hours, with everyone pulling out every stop they could. Almost every player (there were six) hit their limit of bookmarks, shirts, pins, bobbleheads, etc., with one person deliberately sex-changing himself so he could use another one. Crazy. :)
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Default Re: LONG game

For my Birthday, I and five friends held what I called a "Kitchen Sink" Game. EVERY DECK I and my friends owned at the time plus ALL the extras we owned at the time. 17 different Munchkin decks (we split Zombies in two and Original Munchkin in three for an even 20 piles).

Here's a Twitter post I made about it.

It took 5 hours and ended, not when someone reached Level 20, but when 7 seals were opened.
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