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Default Re: Middle Earth: Melee (TFT) or Man to Man (GURPS)

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
I totally disagree with the 'limited magic' interpretation of middle earth. The books are filled with vast numbers of casual references to magical objects, beings (including people) and acts, and there is a background acceptance in all the characters that this is true. Gandalf is the wizard at the center of your focus, and he's something special, but it is not accurate to say more mundane beings can't perform magic or use magic items without coming to mischief.
I don't think anyone is saying the world is "limited magic" in that sense. There is plenty of magic. But very few if any characters that would fit a wizard PC. Being able to perform magic, rather than just use magical items, is rare.

The OP and others are suggesting a Middle Earth campaign would be best with warrior/hero PCs, few if any spells (and only when consistent with background). That fits my reading as well.

I think it probably IS accurate to say mundane beings don't perform magic in the ME setting. Do you have anyone particular in mind? I think of someone like Wormtounge as magical but with a very specific magic. There's nothing at all like a Cidri town wizard that I recall.
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