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Tom H.
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Default What is the ultimate vision for digital consciousness?

I claim that the most fundamental and significant advanced resource in the universe is the ability of conscious focus.

I’m concerned that transhumanist goals will unintentionally undermine this resource.

I was hoping that some of you with more knowledge of the topic could help me discover the true purposes of the quest for digital consciousness.

The ruling and academic class seems to fear independence.

The reasoning seems to be that with the advent of so much incredible technical power a “wise” authority needs ultimate control so that “rogue” individual cells cannot acquire this power to upset the balance and redefine the reality of everything including the existing gatekeepers of power.

Therefore, the authority needs omniscience to be sure that no such rogue initiative can attempt this. This omniscience requires the elimination of privacy for the masses. Even independent thought can be a danger, so that must be co-opted as well.

A collective digital consciousness seems to be the goal to control all this. The attempt to accomplish this would be to harness radio communications in conjunction with the Internet of Things (and beings) along with neural interfaces in order to bypass the barriers that guard individual identity.

So here’s the rub.

This exercise would advance a singularity of consciousness and perception. But I submit that greater intelligence is predicated on the diversity of conscious focus.

I believe that there is an analogy between the human mind and global society.

The human mind has a subconscious and a conscious aspect. The subconscious is the diversity of signals competing for the conscious’s attention.

Similarly, “each of us a cell of awareness”* define the subconscious competing for the intelligentsia’s conscious direction for the future of the planet.

*Sorry, I couldn’t help but quote Neil Peart from “Freewill”; Rush is likely my favorite band.

Think about it. No matter what the intelligence, its choice of focus becomes singular at the expense of all the other noise. It was the weakness of the Eye of Sauron.

But, by the very nature of allowing independent cells-of-awareness, focus can be multiplied; although, it then competes for consolidation at a higher level.

However, the ruling class’ fear of conscious freedom and independence and the desire to restrict it is the very thing that will dumb the system down. The attempt to centralize control of everything will fail because it will lack the necessary intellectual resources required for such a monumental endeavor.

Another way to put it is that barriers between consciousnesses allow for independence of identity and focus, so why the rush to eliminate them.

So I want to ask those of you who have studied transhumanism more than myself, what is the ultimate vision for this integration of conscious resources?

And do you think my theory could expose the folly of such a plan?
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