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Old 12-21-2017, 12:54 AM   #231
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Default Re: What will you not allow?

I simply don't think it is possible, in a GURPS-like game, to avoid GM rulings during play.

Game mechanics has two basic options. There are closed systems, where there are rules for how you do certain things, and those are the things you can do, and whatever the rules don't provide for can't happen during the game. And there are open systems, where you can do a wide range of different things, pretty much anything you could have a fictional character do in that genre and setting. But if you're playing in an open system, you have more options than any rules system can cover. So when a player wants to do X, and the rules don't cover X, the GM has to make something up.

Of course there are fair and unfair ways to do this. But a completely detailed simulation of a game worldólet alone of how things work in every imaginable game worldówouldn't be a book; it would be an encyclopedia, at a minimum, and learning to use it would be about the equivalent of taking a PhD, or worse. And believe me, I understand the aspiration! But I also would like to run games sometime. . . .
Bill Stoddard

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Default Re: What will you not allow?

Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
Oh, I know that kind of player. The worst was "It is the GM's responsibility to pirate the books he doesn't have" (the player's own words verbatim; "responsibility to pirate") ...
Any player who thinks I have an obligation to pirate RPG books will be swiftly banned from my gaming group.
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Default Re: What will you not allow?

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
Part of the issue here is that Extra Arms is probably giving too little benefit for the points, at least at high levels. I can see the argument that 10 points is reasonable for a third arm, but I have strong doubts that 10 extra arms are worth 100 points. There's a case of diminishing returns here. If I had the chance to revise Extra Arms, I'd price it using the Speed/Range table, at 10 points per +1 on the Size line, which would give Extra Arms equal to the Linear Measurement-2 value. So level 1 would still give 1 extra arm, level 2 would give 3 arms, while by level 5 you'd be getting 13 arms. The benefit here is that you can just look at the total number of arms you have, and get the corresponding SM to multiply the level of the advantage by.
They provide a +2 to grapple or break free per extra arm. An equivalent bonus isn't cheap if you want to get it through other means.
Vicky 'Molokh', GURPS FAQ and uFAQ Keeper
Also, GURPS Discord is a nice place for (faster) Q&A and overall GURPS dicussion.
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