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Mark Skarr
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Default CARnage file release

With the release of the CARnage files, Hand of Bobb wanted to be the first to do something stoopid.

However, on a negative note, I've been seeing that a number of the files, when loaded into Lychee Slicer are showing structural holes that Lychee cannot correct. So far, for the cars in sets 1 through 4, only the Scimitar 009, the Sledge 015 and the Conestoga 018 are sound. Spark 014 has been sitting in 3D Builder for over 20 minutes now, trying to be repaired. It just finished after 28 minutes.

These were the pre-supported files.
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Sam Mitschke
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Default Re: CARnage file release

From what I've been reading...Lychee has a very good/sensitive model inspector that often indicates problems that other programs cannot see. We've printed everything from the set multiple times without failures, and we've only heard a few comments from backers about errors, so I'd wager that the prints will still work if you can hard-force Lychee to continue.

Some folks on Reddit have also said that using another program to repair the file works considerably better and faster than Lychee, simply due to Lychee scrutinizing the file so much more.

Please continue to let us know how things progress I'll continue to look into what might be causing this on the sculpting side. Sorry for the frustration!
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